Our Story

A few years ago, we were sitting in the same seat as you.  My wife had a great idea, had even written a full manuscript, and had a big dream!  Her book and series were going to change the world! We had a few beta readers, an editor, an illustrator, and knew nothing in the market even came close to what she had just written!

So…we started reaching out to agents and publishers.  We sent submissions, letters, emails, made calls, and found that apparently none of them had phones and emails that could return messages!  It was so frustrating that our great product kept falling on deaf ears.  We scoured the internet seeking answers, and much to our chagrin the self-publishing route seemed to be the only short term answer.  So, we started that process.

We found a “hybrid” self-publisher that was owned by one of the big publishing houses, and just knew this was our answer. Since her name was unknown so far, this was the way in the door to the big boys. So we submitted to them and voila! she got a reply!  The “agent” was so excited about her book and series, told her it was amazing, no one had anything like it, and she was a winner! It was exactly what we wanted to hear, and we bought it…hook…line…and sinker. (or should I say stinker…)

So we engaged, signed a “contract” and started sending them the upfront money to get her on the map!  For only several thousands and thousands of dollars, they would handle everything!  They would format the manuscript, design a cover, get it into distribution, and get her new career as a world famous author launched!

After months and months of “design” work and set-up, we were closing in on that coveted publish date!  They designed a cover, which kinda stunk, but if we wanted any changes it was $250 each time.  The manuscript had a few errors that we caught after submission, but to update it more than once was hundreds of dollars.  Having run out of money, we decided to go ahead and go to publication, and use the massive profits from pending book sales to cover our changes!

So we launched, and the book actually sold pretty well!  Okay, the truth is it sold well to our friends and family, Facebook friends, and ourselves.  They encouraged us to do book fairs, book signing, festivals, etc, and of course each time we had to buy our own books from them (and pay massive shipping), which drained all our profits and then some each time.  What’s worse is they sold us our own books at prices HIGHER than what we could buy them ourselves from the online retailers! We quickly discovered that the ONLY person profiting from her hard work was this “hybrid” publisher.

We bought into the lie that they were going to present it to their parent company, the big publishing house, but of course that never even got us a phone call or email. We did ALL the marketing, ALL the book fairs, ALL the festivals, covered ALL the costs, and gave them ALL the profit!  Let’s just say we were pretty discouraged.

One day we got a call from our “hybrid” publisher and they had the answer!  They now had a wonderful marketing package we could purchase for as low as $5,000, but if we really wanted to take off, they had a $10,000 package that would really get us momentum.  We didn’t have the money so we couldn’t engage, but they offered to call back.  And they did…about twice a week for several months. Each time they reminded us how much we have already invested and if we really wanted this, we had to market it.  DUH, we knew that!  We just couldn’t pay their ridiculous fees and buy groceries at the same time.

So…we started hitting blogs, talking to other authors published and unpublished, and talking to people we could reach in the industry, no matter who they were.  What we found was the route we went was actually harming us!  There were other ways to do this that did not cost so much, were more profitable, and non-restrictive like our current “contract” was.  The moment we told our “hybrid” publisher we were not going to buy the marketing package, we were suddenly the red-headed stepchild.  They no longer had any interest in us, because they could no longer talk us into giving them money!  We did what any logical person would, we cancelled our contract (even though it had cancellation fees) and decided to take a run with a print on demand service that could still get us with the major online paperback and ebook retailers.

broken-chain  THEN CAME FREEDOM!

Once we did this, we found that our profits went up 300%, we had a ton more control, and the costs were a fraction of what we were paying!  Our 2.5 year journey brought us to this point, and our knowledge earned through much research and trial and error brought us to create Kingdom Publishing Press!  We created our own publishing imprint, used the print on demand company we had now engaged, and the rest is history!  Now, when an agent or publisher calls, we can say no thanks!  We get to control our work, and we get to make the money!

Now we are offering our service to you!  We can help you get your book published, SELF-published, at a fraction of the cost and time it would take you with both “hybrid” and traditional publishers!  Your book will look and feel just like a big house publisher book, with the same distribution channels, and you don’t have to SPLIT THE PROFITS!  IT’S ALL YOURS!

No matter where you are in the process, we can help.  Contact us today and let us help you bring your dream to a reality!